Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today I spent the day studying because I'm taking a couple of online classes and needed to catch up. I also went for a run and stopped along the way to hang out without some kids which was great. When I run around the neighborhood I get alot of strange looks and a few people shout things at me, but for the most part people are really nice once I stop and say hi. Yesterday I taught a class at Child Hope and then got to help with their feeding program, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday they provide a meal for neighborhood kids. It's a great ministry, over 50 kids come each time. Afterward, I got to play basketball and soccer with the kids.

Sunday night Luke and I were downtown by the capitol and ventured into a tent city that's nearby. It was late, around 11 so we were apprehensive at first, but we decided to go ahead. Everyone was really friendly we ended up hanging out with a few of the people. We talked with them as best we could, bummed a couple cigarettes and then played some music and had a quick dance party. People started coming out to see what was going on, around 20 or 30 people were hanging around. It was such a cool experience, one of my favorites of the trip and there has been many. I felt for the first time that I was on the same level as these people who now find themselves homeless, we were able to connect as people and as friends, rather than someone coming to do a job.

Tomorrow we are going back to a few of the sights where we have installed Sunsprings to train people on maintenance of the machines.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ty. Love to read your blog. Still praying for you son. Can you tell me about your profile pic? Surely a good story goes with it?

Tyler said...

ya, I couldn't find a picture of myself and I accidentally deleted mine and this one is funny